Here we show briefly the STReport platform.
    • STReport is a software tool for creating, modifying and viewing reports. It is an open source tool developed by Stratebi.
      STReport will allow us to handle custom or adhoc reports in an intuitive and easy-to-use way.

    • When it was initially defined, STReport's main goal was to build a user-friendly solution, especially focused on simple and intuitive management by the end user..

      STReport users will be able to define their own reports, re-open them, modify them, save them, export them to different formats, and all of this, without any previous knowledge in programming languages (eg SQL).

    • STReport is a plug-in developed by Stratebi. It is fully integrated with the Pentaho User Console. To create a new report with STReport we can do it in several ways:

      • From
        Fichero -> Nuevo -> STReport

      • From the
        Crear Nuevo -> STReport

      • Depending on the environment, if some kind of customization has been done, we can have a button to create an adhoc report with STReport directly.
        For example:

    • The STReport visual layout is as shown in the following image.