Here we show briefly the STPivot platform.
    • STPivot is an open source OLAP viewer tool developed by Stratebi company. It is based on the OLAP Pentaho JPivot Viewer. The idea behind this project was to improve the user experience of JPivot, through the use of graphic Libraries and Open Source technologies (for example, jQuery and Ajax).
      Although the default viewer that provides Pentaho has managed to pass the test of time (completely simple, functional and crossbrowser), in Stratebi our customers ask constantly for improved versions. This is why we decided to develop STPivot, a tool in which we have take care about the visual details (UI) and interactivity with the end user.

    • When STPivot was initially defined, its main goal was to build a user-friendly solution (user friendly), especially focused on simple and intuitive management by the end user.

      JPivot users will find a lot of matches when using STPivot, because it reuses most of the hard work done by JPivot, changing some parts of their visual appearance. The main features of STPivot are:

      • Reordering the user interface.
      • Ajax-based user interactions.
      • Easy-to-use graphics.
      • Fast, easy-to-get statistics.
      • Best MDX Query Editor.
      • Improved formula editor.

      In the following points, we will learn more about each of them, including some of the minor additional features.