Here we explain the Business Intelligence tool STOlap.
    • STOlap is an open source OLAP viewer tool developed by Stratebi company. It is based on the OLAP Pentaho pivot4J Viewer.

      With this tool we provide:

      • Better and more intuitive UI
      • Better interaction with end user.
    • We enumerate some of the most relevant features of this OLAP Analysis tool:

      • STOlap is Pentaho plugin for visualizing OLAP cubes.
      • Deploys as Pentaho Plugin
      • Supports Mondrian 4!
      • Improves Pentaho user experience.
      • Intuitive UI with Drag & Drop for Measures, Dimensions and Filters
      • Adds key features to Pentaho OLAP viewer replacing JPivot.
      • Easy multi-level member selection.